Trailer Service Available

Welding rate per Hour $150.00
State Trailer inspection (tax included) $53.00
Safety Inspection- Non State inspection $50.00
Clean & repack Wheel Bearings
Install New Grease Seals (Per Axle)
Clean & Paint Axle
Galvanized Paint (Per Axle)C
Brake Adjustment (Per Axle) $22.50
Rewire Trailer-No Lights-Single Axle
( under 3000 lbs. GVW)- No Brakes
Rewire Trailer-No Lights-Dual Axle
( up to 10,000 lbs. GVW)- With Brakes
Replace Lights- Non LED $94.85
Replace Lights- LED $177.30
Install Brake Controller in Truck $216.00
Install Charging Wires on Truck & Trailer-Dump Trailer $432.55